alkemis + etsy

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User interaction on shopping websites have been the same since the stone age - OK, maybe the 80's.
alkemis + etsy has a newer approach using (very) dynamic layouts.
The overall look is clean, click response is energetic.
Scrolling down a page and constant pageloads and are a thing of the past.

Under the hood:
- arbor.js a graph visualization library
- jQuery
- a little canvas

Funny thing is, with this seemingly complex display, there is very little html and css, and not a whole lot of app js either.

5.10.13 fix: should work on all major browsers


  1. can i get this page's source code?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Not going to do your homework for you.
      There's not a lot of code and its not that special.
      The 'magic' comes from arbor.js, you might want to look at, good documentation too.

    3. I'm developing a web page using arbor.js
      I was curious about your page's interaction.
      Now My page have click event problem.
      So I asked you.
      I'm sorry to bother you.
      Thanks for answer.

    4. Events are using very standard jQuery -
      I'd recommend using .delegate(), or its newer equivalent, .on()
      so you only have to assign the event once

    5. Thanks Chester Kwok. I have many helps